Prayer for Relationship

by Betty ()

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I have spent my entire life helping out my parents financially making sure they had what they needed. They have both passed on now and left behind a large amount of debt which I was forced to take over in order to keep the house my daughter and I live in.

I also had to take out a 401K loan to repay siblings their share (even though they never even came to visit mom and dad). This has put me in financial problems for the last three years, and now things have just gotten worse.

My daughter was raped at the age of 16 and because of that has developed PTSD/BIPOLAR disorder. She has also been sick with one thing after the other for the last three years. Recently she was hospitalized for the PTSD and is seeing professionals weekly to try to get this thing on track.

The Doctors are vey concerned about her present state and have notified my boss that when she is manic I need to be at home supervising 24/7. I won’t get paid for those days, and the medical bills are piling up already. At this point she is unable to work, still having internal problems from the gallbladder removal, heart problems, and the PTSD/Bipolar condtion. They have told me she does not qualify for disability because she lives with me, even though I can barely make ends meet. I pray that God will lift Amanda and I up out of this mess that we are in, that he will guide us down the path that he chose for us and that he will heal Amanda from his terrible condition she has.

I pray for a financial mirracle so that I can get the bills caught up and pay for the onging medical treatments she is going to need. I do not ask for a fortune, just enough to take care of the bills, keep food on the table, heat in the house, and her medical expenses. In Jesus name I pray.


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  1. Will be praying for you

    I am so sorry you’ve been going through so many terrible hardships. You’re undoubtedly feeling so tired & hurt by the struggles you have been facing. I don’t know why such adversity happens to some people, but it makes me sad. I believe it makes God sad too. We are after all, created in His image…


    God doesn’t make bad things happen to us.


    Sometimes things we have done or failed to do have an effect on our lives, and sometimes the sin that is in this world affects the innocent God-fearing people, because, we’re all crossing each other’s paths, all the time! We have to diligently pray that God will not let our hearts be hardened by these circumstances; that He will heal us from being exposed; That way we can remain shining – standing out in the crowd – drawing the lost to God. Because we are different. There is in inner quality – it’s God’s goodness. I will pray for you. & I urge you to ALWAYS be seeking any help you can find. Reach out to every single organization you can find to see if one of them can point you in the right direction. Look under Social Services in the phone book. Try asking @ Health Dept. or a Community Action Center.

    Don’t give up. Know that even when you’re spent – stone cold silent – feeling like you can’t even pray.. God is near the brokenhearted. The Holy Spirit prays for us when we cannot utter any words. Surround yourself with positive, loving people – you need support – find a church.

    I pray God puts loving Christians in your daily path to sustain you! Love to you & Amanda.

  2. Have Faith

    I will pray for you and your daughter to overcome these hardships. God hears your needs and I am sure he is working on them. Don’t stop praying it will get better.

  3. I hope it works out.

    Good luck. I really hope everything goes well for you and your daughter. Don’t lose faith.

  4. Nothing's too hard for God

    Father God, You are our strong towner. You are our provider, healer, protector. Fill Betty and Amanda with your Holy Spirit. Remove these chains that have them holding down. Remove the demons that have overcome Amanda causing the PTSD/Bipolar and other health issues. Give Betty strength of 10 Angels. Lord, remove all of Betty’s financial problems. Relieve her so that she can praise your name and claim your miracles. Set them free Lord. In Jesus name, Amen

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