Prayer for Relationship

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Please pray this prayer on my behalf. Thank you for your support. You are all in my prayers. I know God is making a way! I walk in faith! Thank you all for your support!!

“Almighty God, hear these prayers.” Please grant me all I request.

Heavenly Father, my dear Lord, Holy Spirt: we thank you for the tremendous gift you have given JP and me in the form of our relationship together. Please take away all the pain and hurt that may exist in our hearts through your grace. Bless us and ensure that we never surrender our relationship or give up on each other no matter what challenges may come our way. Fill our hearts with deep and enduring love, joy, patience, and understanding for/with each other. Free our hearts and spirits to embrace, trust, appreciate, desire, and adore each other and the love we receive from each other, and please see to it that there are no longer any limits to our love or impingements in the expression of our love for each other. Remove all boundaries and barriers and bring us together united as one in love and devotion to God through each other. Please remove all distance that exists between JP and me emotionally and physically right now, I plead. Please make both of us perpetually aware of the high value of each other’s worth. Please touch JP’s heart and fill it with much love for me. Make our complicated relationship become uncomplicated. Immerse JP and I in intense and beautiful love for the Lord, and through God for each other, every second of every day. Please give us amazing quality time to spend with each other every day. Please always positively and beautifully put us in each other’s heart and mind. Please motivate us to unyieldingly show love for each other, fully open ourselves up to each other with trust, and love each other without limits. Enable us to grow in our intimacy, romance, connection, and commitment to/with each other through You.

Please ensure that both of us always listen to each other’s needs and lovingly, wholeheartedly seek to meet those needs/wants for the benefit of the union. Teach us the beauty of forgiveness so we may become more and more one in heart, spirit and intellect, and trust each other without hesitation. Strengthen and increase the frequency of our communication with each other and help us become living signs of the love You have for each of us–validating, uplifting, and making each other’s happiness, fulfillment, and commitment to the relationship our absolute priority.

Please provide all the resources and grace we need to fully take care of each other and have tremendous success and longevity in our relationship. Help us to be examples of commitment, love, care, and service to each other and the world. Make us a sign of the unity which Jesus prays for at the Last Supper. We open ourselves to the guidance and the miracles of grace offered by Your Holy Spirit, who empowers us to love each other in Jesus’ name and walk in His footsteps. Please unyieldingly provide mercy and blessings to us, Lord, that you may allow us to spend the rest of our lives with each other, and that our life together is filled with joy, light, romance, connection and full immersion in love for/with each other.

Please make the intensity of our love and commitment to each other motivating, uplifting, and awesomely mutual for both of us. Please open huge doors within our relationship and allow us to permanently make the changes within ourselves and our lives necessary to have a long life of commitment, love, romance, joy, excitement, and peace with each other. I request this humbly, faithfully, and gratefully. In Jesus’ name I pray, AMEN!

I love you, My Dear God. Please grant me all that I seek. In Jesus’ name, AMEN!! THANK YOU!!

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  1. Beginning a new relationship that's long distance

    I pray God that you give me the strength and guidance to trust Alex with my whole heart. Even though we are in the beginning of our relationship I want us to work it out and be together. We may not speak all the time but I hope that he thinks of me as I think about him. I want us to be happy, trusting, and hopefully one day loving one another. You sent him to me God with a purpose but I’m just scared that he will leave me like the rest did. I want to feel at ease and just know that he to cares and thinks about me always. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we go through this new relationship. I can see myself with him and growing old alongside him I just need a bit of reassurance and guidance. Please Jesus, Mary, and Joseph watch over us both and let us be happy with one another. In Jesus’s name amen

  2. Beautiful Prayer

    Ask and it shall be given! Those are the words Lord placed on my heart while reading this beautiful prayer! I too, you sister in Christ am praying for the same beautiful graces and blessings upon a relationship. God will bless you and all our women united in the lord who have faith in love and his mercy! Amen

  3. Your prayer is the mirror to my own.

    I’m in a LDR with a wonderful, God-Fearing, kind , and loving man whom I’ve never met in the flesh but through online almost a year ago. Most people I know don’t consider our relationship/love to be real for we have not met face to face but we’ve spent countless hours calling, texting, video chatting, emailing, and sending gifts and cards through the post. We’ve come to love eachother as friends and became an official couple, have exchanged promise rings and plan to marry once we meet…by God’s grace. We live on different continents but we both believe it was God’s plan for us to find eachother. We pray together and for eachother. He is a blessing from God that I’ve waited for 39yrs., through a hard life where I thought I’d never find my soulmate. God does not forsake or overlook, His timing is ALWAYS best and in proper time. He told friends for years that he was waiting for The Lord to send him his very own woman and it is me…and he is my very own as well. We fit so naturally with great understanding, patience, commitment, trust, faith, & love for eachother & The Lord whom we love above all. We put Him in control of our relationship and our love continues to grow each day. Although we are facing obstacles to be united, married, and build a family we believe God will make a way in His time and that this time of hardship for us will be to our benefit in future for God makes all to work for the good of His faithful. I pray this same prayer as the poster…daily. I will pray for the poster of this prayer & every person/couple posting on this site & on God’s beautiful earth who has concerns/requests concerning love/r-ships or any other matters in their hearts/minds/souls. May God bless you, answere your prayers, & give you the peace of the Holy Spirit in all things. I pray this also for all my bros & sis in Christ. Please all pray for me and my Beloved as well for he is in a dangerous nation & I will appreciate all your prayers to see us through. In Sweet Jesus’ name, AMEN AMEN AMEN.

  4. I am in dire need of prayer too

    I will be praying for all my brethern too. GOD IS Always with us and HE will answer our prayers. We must never give up. I too am in dire need of prayer, my beloved special friend whom I love so very much has decided to cease all contact with me and oh my GOD it hurts so much. Please will someone help me pray so that GOD will restore our relationship filled with HIS Love, peace and everlasting joy. I fill so lonely but I know that GOD is with me and I will wait for as long as I have to and will remain faithful to our Lord & Savior jesus Christ. Please pray for me & Lizann. Thank you my brethren.

  5. amazing.

    Amazing prayer. you are in my prayer. please everyone pray for me too. God will hear all our prayers. all it takes is faith. if we believe we will recieve ANYTHING we ask for in prayer. this is not difficult to obtain remember prayer moves the hands that MOVES THE WORLD. nothing is impossible.. how can anything be impossible? we have a great god. THE CREATOR OF HEAVEN AND EARTH ALL THAT IS SEEN AND UNSEEN. have faith everyone. never ever everr give up. please pray for me too guys and i for you. prayer is the best thing we can do for other people. much love my brothers and sisters in christ. xoxo

  6. Faith can move mountains

    It is a beautiful prayer. Have faith and all that you ask for will be given to you

  7. Having Faith

    I agree, wish and am praying for the same, PLEASE ~

    Have Faith and keep praying – even after you are together again. Don’t stop praying and the faith will continue.

    In Him,

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