Prayer for relationship with child

by Carla Halley (Guyana)

Heavenly Father, I thank you lord for giving me the health ans strength for life. I thanks your for all of your blessings you have restored upon me.

Lord its unbelieveable that I am able to complete so many task set out. Lord please help me with my relationship with my son. At the moment he seems to be a bit disorganise. Make him unstand that his mommy works extremely hard to provide for him. He is Five years old and desperately need a father figure in his life.

Lord i love his father keita rose so much that its unbearable. But Lord their is some blockage in our way that prevents us from being together. Heavenly father i am confused. If this relationship is to work and me and my son will be happy lord please give me or show me some sign.

Dear God I write for answers. Let me know know for only you have the answers to this. I asked of you to remove any ties or demonic ties thatprevents us from being together. God Please grand me this favour.