Prayer for Relationship Restoration

by Amber (North Carolina)

I’m seeking out prayer for me and my ex boyfriend Michael M. We recently broke up and it’s literally tearing me to pieces. I realize my past mistakes and I am more then willing to change for us to get back together. I have been upset it feels like every second of the day, and I can’t eat and sleep. It such a depressing feeling going from him constantly texting/calling me to now ignoring me completely.

I constantly check my phone and I never get anything from him. I first met him in January when I went off to college and I instantly felt connected to him, but now the semester is over and I am back home (17 hours plus away!)I know long distance isn’t easy but I am willing to do anything to make us work. I have been having a tough time with friendships, being in Boston while the bombings happened, and me moving from New York to North Carolina.

I really could use healing and a relationship restoration prayer because it would honestly make me soo happy and it will give me another reason to want to wake up in the morning. Thank you!!