Prayer for Relationship Restoration

Dear Lord,

I pray for the restoration of my relationship. I finally found a man who was grounded in the Lord, took responsibility for his children, was intelligent, and attentive as a mate.

I am not sure what i did, but I must of upset or annoyed him in some way – or he is dealing with a sexual distraction of another women. Please soften his heart toward me and strengthen his heart toward any temptation. Let him know that he can trust me with his heart and I will provide for his needs once we are committed and married. Please bring our relationship back into fruition. Let it grow and prosper.

If there is anything in the dark, please bring it to light. If there are things that both of us need to change bring that to the light. Right now I am confused and hurt. God is not the author of confusion so please bring clarity.

God you know my heart. You know my needs. Allow me to rest in you. Give me peace and hope as this situation repairs. I know that whatever you are doing in this situation it is for the good of both of us. Maybe there is something i or both of us need to learn about and grow. If I have put too much pressure on him, if i have been too selfish i am sorry. Sometimes I get so excited by experiencing love and affection that I lose my way and maybe scare a man who not so long again had his heart broken.

Take care of both of our hearts right now. Protect our hearts. Show us back to each other in your time with renewed and fast growing love — quickened by our absence and the wisdom we gain from this separation. You are the king on the throne and I trust you. Deliver from any wrong doing or lust in the heart of my partner and if his eyes are turned in that direction as a temptation — away from what God has for him. We sometimes are drawn away. Something in my spirit made me write this. God protect his vulnerable heart and let him know how deeply I care for and cherish our relationship.


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  1. Praying

    I pray for this woman…may her heart/ mind be overcome by Your peace. May she Know in her Soul that You have good plans for her. I ask for this friend of hers, heal his mind with the awareness of Your forgiveness for him and any who have sinned against him. Healing and hope Jesus….thank You. Amen

  2. Relationship restoration

    Partner in Christ,

    I add my prayer to yours. Dear God I stand with my friend who is requesting restoration for her relationship. Father I ask you as well to restore this relationship if it is Your will. Your word says that is it not good for man to be alone, and we trust that you have already selected the man for my friend. Should the person we are praying for not be the one that You have, we ask for you to remove him and give my friend peace in her heart, knowing that her Heavenly Father is conducting her through life and preparing her for the man He has for her. We thank you Lord for trust, for honor, and for love. In Jesus name…Amen

  3. So beautiful

    I am to going through a very similar situation and i cant believe how these words have affected me i can relate to each and every word. Thankyou so much for this it has truely given my faith and feelings positive growth. Its like you picked out words from my heart and brain and wrote it on screen. Dont even underestimate the power of prayer. love you for this x

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