Prayer for Relationship problems and insecurity issues

by Jeannette (Rancho Cucamonga, Ca, USA)

I would like to ask for your help by praying for me and for my relationship with my boyfriend. I have been through a lot in the past and it has caused me to be damaged and insecure when I’m in a relationship.

I found a partner who is a good man and is honest hut I find myself doubting everything he says to me. I know that it’s not right to do that and I try to meditate NAND pray for God to heal me and help me overcome what others did to me in my past. My boyfriend and I have been having a lot of fights and arguments lately and I would like for prayers of reconciliation, forgiveness, love and peace.

I know that ultimately it is God’s will and I pray that whatever his will, I will find peace in my heart. Thank you for your prayers they are appreciated and may God bless you all.