Prayer for relationship in trouble

by Anne ()

Dear Heavenly Father, I what to thank you for all your blessings and all what you have provided to me and my family. We are lucky and blessed but my husband is suffering and with him so is the whole family.

He has to work far away from home and although we have tried to be brave and to hang in there because this is what he needs to do, the distance and separation have created a drift in our marriage.

He has turned to someone else and is lost, not knowing what to do or how to come back to what he knows is the right path, to be with us and to continue as a family.

Please Lord, guide him and help him find his way back to us, let him know how much we love him and want him to be happy with us again. Please Lord, give me the strength and courage to go on, although my life is on the verge of a cliff, and may fall apart.

Please give me the courage to follow wherever You take me, as You have always done before. Please give us hope and let us succeed in finding our way back together, Please give me patience and wisdom, please reunite us and help us find the ways and help us built our future again, in peace and with all the love you know we have for each other.

I beg and pray You to grant us this chance, for him and myself and for our beautiful children. Thank You Dear God for listening to me.

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