Prayer for relationship happiness and communication

by Mary (Galway,Ireland)

dear god, all the angels and saints please hear and answer me. please make gerry whom i love very much and miss text me tonight. please make him stop the silent treatment and say sorry for hurting me. please make him take me and our son to see his other son in dublin anymore and please make him stop hiding that hes with me.

Please make him be proud to take me to the pub in glan with him and for us to be seen together as a couple. please make him take me out on valentines and we stay away as he has never do or given me as much as a card for valentines. this is hurtful. i do love him and expected after 16 years at christmas that he would have proposed to me but he didnt. please make him stop staying with the sister and niece puting them before me and our son.

Please make him text me and say sorry for sunday wanting my car and wouldnt take me with him.i would like him to have his soft chat with me as we used to and for him to be romantic with me. ive never had much of this with him and feel used sometimes. he wasa great at christmas and im so thankful for that and for taking corin to stay at his granparents but he is so imature and stupid sometimes.

Please make him stop hiding that he is with me and be proud to be with me. please make him text as i miss him and hate the silent treatment and he hasnt even asked in the last 3 days how our son is and he having been unwell and gerry knows that. please hear and answer me amen. i love you gerry and want to have more kids with you, siblings for our son corin. please grow up and sort out us and our needs as a family. thank you. amen

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