Prayer for relationship, career and health.

by Christy ()

First I want to pray for whoever is reading this that God blesses you and answers any unspoken requests for you. This is a very lengthy prayer request, I apologize for sending so many and truly thank you for taking the time! May God rain a special blessing on you this week.
Prayer Request(s)
I am asking for prayer with my relationships. I have been in a committed relationship and lately feel as though his parents have become his priority. They moved in with us unexpectedly and my significant other is supporting them. I let him know that I feel it was not fair to me. It’s a small apartment under 1000 square feet. I feel as though it’s no longer our place and boundaries are not in place. Recently he suggested bringing his parents home for Christmas with me, as well- this is a Christmas we had planned almost a year ago to spend together since he spent last Christmas with his family. I pray to have a relationship that is Godly, one where God comes first and the wife is out before other relationships. I try to show support to him in every way I can, but lately it has been overwhelming and I have considered leaving the relationship, or moving into my own apartment. I had hoped he would be my husband, one day, but lately he has made me feel as though I will always have to take a back seat to his parents or feel as though he is married to them, as well. I am 36 years old and really have been praying to meet my husband for so many years. I thought Luis was really the man I would marry and now I’m frustrated and feeling a little sad that I might have fallen in love with a man who is not the one God has for me. I do not want to stay in this relationship much longer if it is not the man I am meant to be with. I’m praying that God will have Luis make decisions to show me I am his number one, if God truly wants us together. As long as I know it is what God wants. right now I’m confused and don’t want to get hurt. He is the first man I really have fallen this in love with in so long, almost 15 years.

Prayer Request 2:
I am also asking for prayer for my Dads relationship, there have been some issues with his girlfriend Noelle drinking and getting really jealous.

Prayer Request 3:
My sister, Stacy and her husband, Dave are trying to adopt a baby, and asking for prayer that the right baby would be put in their lives. The birth mom would need to choose them based on a booklet they put together. So asking for Gods hand on this situation.
Prayer Request 4:
I am currently looking for new job opportunity, and praying that the right door would open for a remote job in accounting. Or, if God wants me to stay where I’m currently working I pray for the work situation to improve and offer more benefits and remote work options if possible.

Prayer request 5:
Asking for prayers for my friend Vivi she is having an elective surgery on Monday the 18th. Praying for this to go well.

Prayer request 6:
Also asking for Prayers for health of my family and loved ones and my health.

(Sorry for so many requests)

Thank you

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