Prayer for rekindle and connecting love together

by L.W (London)

Bless us oh Lord, I am not a Catholic but I believing and respecting in God. At this moment of my life I have no one to turn to but to you Lord. From the deepest of my heart, I pray for you oh Lord please give my boyfriend L.S and I a chance to rekindle our relationship eternally.

Knowing him is the best ever gift from you Lord, meeting him this way is the miracle from you Lord in my life. I have been through hardship most of my life. I am strong, never give up. I standing up high and accepting challenges that you Lord set me in life. There are times that i wanted to end it all. But inside my heart, there is always a tiny voice tell me that you Lord love me, will give me strength and guides me through in life, and you will hear me clearly and responding me one day. You have given me strength to come so far all these years regardless of what challenges you set me into. I come out feeling stronger and I do my utter best to keep life going no matter what.

I believe in you Lord and I lay my faith on you as I know you Lord will let that day come to me. Knowing him L.S is very special to me in life, meeting him this way is a miracle to me from you oh Lord. Saying grace under the influence of L.S puts me closer to you Lord.

After all these time we had been separating, regardless of he is now trying hard to moving on from me, you Lord keep me believing that the relationship between my boyfriend L.S and I are not happen by chances. Our encounter are planned and is already foresee by you Lord. We meant for each other in life and you Lord one day will put us back together eternally. Bless us oh Lord, my boyfriend L.S is now facing a big cross road in life. He lost job and is trying to pick up again by starting his own business. He is a devoted Catholic and he is a fine surgeon saving people life. He is now depending on you Lord more and more to navigate pass the cross road.

I am sincerely praying to you Lord, show us the light and let both my boyfriend L.S and I finish crossing the road in life and be able to rekindle our love and connecting our hearts together forever. Thank you Lord. Amen…

Lots of love
L.S & L.W

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