Prayer for Reinstatement of Employment After Illness

by GCB (Canada)

Dear faithful, steadfast Saint Jude. I find myself awake- struggling with what appears to be an unfair situation, that threatens the stability of my household. Although I do know who my family is (who I am) in Christ-Jesus, it is still an uncomfortable time. After two, unexpected, near life threatening illnesses- my husband finds himself terminated from the employment that he faithfully went to and performed well in for almost three years- the cause was his absence for the health attacks. God knows the hospital time and surgery that he went through, the toll it took on this family and his early return to work against medical advice- because he is so conscientious. We need your intersession with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I know He is already working it out in our favor and for the favor of others in the same or similar unfortunate situations- for them also, we pray for speedy intercession. We are trying to re-build our lives, after the traumatic experience of losing my sister to pancreatic cancer. My family is still reeling from her death. We are trying not to succumb to this unbelievable situation. I am thankful for all that we do have-knowing it could be so much worse. I ask for help to remain calm and sweet throughout this process. I also ask that if it is God’s will for us- and the best outcome, that my husbands employers re-instate his position. I ask that panic stays far away from me. I want to be still and know our God- St. Jude, you have interceded for us before, I am asking once again- humbly and unselfishly. Plead our case to God- knowing how much you are loved and appreciated in addition to our Lord and Savior. Thank you and thanks be to God.

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