Prayer for Reinstatement in Job

Lord, please help me to get reinstated in my job, I Lost my job after being charged with a crime but later was found not guilty in a court of law, because of politics and the fact that my boss changed the discipline codes to enforce his termination of employees, my arbitration to get back to work was denied. A labor ruling found that my boss acted wrongly,

Lord, I humbly come to you, and ask that you grant me my request to get reinstated in a job that I love, I have made mistakes in the past, but these life lessons can only make me better and more productive at my job and in life.

I come ro you with open arms and a good heart, Lord, Please help me!

I’m also reaching out and asking anyone that understands my situation to pray for me!

I say a rosary everyday and pray for everyone that is sick or in trouble, that they may get well and find help!

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