Prayer for regaining primary custody of my daughter


Father God in mighty name of Jesus I come before you this morning humbling myself unto you. Father I stand in need of guidance, strength and favor. God I thank you for blessing me with a job working with a team of really great people. Thank you for blessing me with an apartment in the #1 school district in the state. I come this morning God asking that you hold every person accountable for their part they played in making this custody dispute a big mess. I ask that you soften my daughter’s heart and remove the spirit of bitterness, hatefulness and maliciousness from him. I ask you to give the judge the sense and understanding to wein out truth from the lies. Please give me and my daughter favor with everyone we encounter and everyone involved in the case and hearing on Friday. Please let the judge put an order in place that is in the overall best interest of my daughter. In Jesus name we pray, Amen.