Prayer for redemption through a trying time

by Sandra (Canada, Calgary)

Father i pause at this second in magnification of your holy name. I thank you for your never ending blessings as i declare that you are God and that there is none above you. I come before you with a troubled spirit. Of late i cant seem to find joy in anything that i do. My soul is broken and i feel weak, so weak at times i cant even get down on my knees. But i do know that you hear and see through me , and know my hearts desires before i even speak. I may not have the strength at the present moment but i have the faith. God i need you , in ways unexplainable.My relationship suffers and is in dire need of your warm touch.All the plans that i have for a better tomorrow, i put them before you. I ask that you may enlarge my territory as i seek increase. I speak life to it because i know you are God and you would never lie. Please God , come on in, and take a seat . Hear my humble prayer . Amen.

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