Prayer for Reconcilliation and Amicable Solution out of Court

by M (Malaysia)

Lord, I entrust myself and family, my daughter, my marriage and my husband into your hands. I pray for our marriage to be reconcilled and that whatever spirits of oppression, bitterness, arrogance, deceit, conceit, selfishness,unforgiveness, hatred that is binding my husband be bound in the name of Jesus and thrown back into the pit to be dealt with by Jesus.

I pray for God to soften and move my husband’s heart that his eyes be unveiled and his heart be turned to God to be worked on by God.

I pray that notwithstanding the custody suit I filed, that we will not have to settle this in court but out of court. I pray for terms of settlement which we can work with and is acceptable to everyone. I pray for a complete, happy and healthy family for my daughter that is Christ centered.

I pray that God grant me the patience and faith as I go through this difficult season and that his favour be upon me and my family.I pray for forgiveness for all our sins, including the sin of pride, being judgemental, condemning, and unforgiveness. I pray for my parents to forgive my husband for what he has done and my in laws to forgive me for what I have done.

I thank you God for His infinite love and His Word.

In Jesus name I pray,

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