Prayer for Reconcillation with My Husband

I pray to almighty God to heal and restore our relationship. I miss him so much & love my husband very much. I can’t live without him. I am suffering from a broken heart, my husband left me recently. I realized that I have not treasured our relationship with him, instead I made many mistakes to hurt him so much.

I pray that God will heal our pains and forgive each other. Please pray for him that one day he will come back to me as soon as possible. I know that God can help me to get back again, and we can start over again and live happily & peacefully with the guidance and mercy of God. Please Lord have mercy on me. Thank you Lord. Amen.

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  1. It has been 8 months since my husband of 21 years left me

    It has been a long sad time but, I have let go of the bitterness and anger. I thank God for holding my hand and healing my heart. I will be patient and allow God to work while being obedient in his word.People are not perfect but we can become more God like. I strive to be like God and accept, love, comfort other people so that I might be healed. I pray for all hurting souls that you will feel the love of God and let go of the pain, bitterness. We are Gods people.

  2. please prayer warriors

    It hurts so much…please God help me know you are there all the time. Please guide my husband towards your will. Please let us find you to heal this pain.

  3. God help me with my husband

    God please help me you are the only one that know my pain now I want my family back I want my husband back in my life I want him home again I know that mistake that I make

  4. pain

    I can understand the pain u r going through. my husband also not talking to me from so many months. due to his family’s interference in our life my marriage is about to break. but I still love him and want to spend my entire life with him. I daily pray to God to send him back in my life..

  5. God please help me

    God, i was in a relationship. I’m an Indian. Our culture is something different from others. I was in love with my boyfriend. And he left me. I still dont know the reason. I still love him. I gave my life to him. I want him to come back and accept me with his complete heart. I dont want to loose him. I dont want to live without him. I’m loving him. God he should realize my love. Please hear my prayer.. Please help me

  6. restore our marriage give us back our daddy

    please help with the lord Almighty for my husband to come back home with wife and child restore our marriage life we missed E.R a lot.

  7. peace in heart and happy family life ever for my sister, Malar

    i pray for my sister peace. Her husband never understand her from the day she married him. Now her elder daughter is 18 years old, second daughter has been sent to home as she never listen to her parents and have some attitude problem and her third son is in standard 6. She brought up her children without her husband help. My uncle never understand my sis. feeling and love. Always find mistake on her and listen to his family members advise and staying with his sister house. Now her kids too show more love for their father than my sister. To which my sis. feel hurt and crying. When i looking forward for a solution, i found your wonderful prayers website. Pls help to pray for her family peace life and pray to god to bring her husband back to year for the sake of her children and her.

  8. Abi say to Dr Kuqya Thanks for his help with his poerful and effective spell work.

    Thank you for help but most of all, your honesty. Again, thank you for everything & the peace you are bringing to my life.Raymond’s wills is totally in love with me. He said that he would rather be by himself than with anyone other than me. He told me that he thinks of me, cries, & fantasizes about me every second. Today we made love for the first time in 1 year. Thank you. He wants to be together forever & is willing to do whatever it takes for that to happen. Thank you,Chantel Abi chicago

  9. send him back to me with a new avtar

    i know how much i love you. still remember each n every moment spent with you… why did you break my heart i prayed alot n still asking the same to the god… come back… letz start a new life… it’s not very difficult for me to forgive you..

    waiting for you my paaaru (name given by me to you) you will always be my paaru

  10. B and D

    Please pray for reconcillation for me and my husband…..Deliverance for B from alcohol,perversion,abuse,control,manipulation,homo-sexuality,pornography,adultry,you name it, he got it….I still love him he is my cousin….it says in the bible,you and your entire household will be saved,,I;m saved but he isent….would that count for him too???? We are seperated and he filed divorve papers and he is out hunting women already and/or men,, this is his 4th marriage..he never chsnges just moves from one women to the next,I dont want there to be a next women,,I want to see him fall on his face,come to God and be delivered from all the above,,,,,,so God can reconcile our marriage…if he don’t there is no hope for saving it.


  11. forgive

    i was 8 months separated to my husband, i leave him because of other women and because of her mother, its seems that she was not favored to me ever since we were married. my husband was a mama’s boy, he never protect me against all the words of her mother has been said to me, i was feeling down, and feel depressed i said to my husband that i think we must have our own house, separate to her mother, so that we will have privacy and no one will dictates you or us. i ask ask him if he loves me and my 2 kids, he said to “love is not measurable in disobeying his mom” i said to my self separating to her mom is disobeying,?then why did you marry me? i said to my self if you cant protect me and if you cant leave our parents,am not taking him away from her mom, its just that i want privacy in our married life,no one will tell us what to do or anything, because were married and we are one. i leave him to have him analyzed every situation in our life i pray that one day he will realized everything that i been thru. i love him so much and my kids

    i dont want a broken home, everyday

    i pray that jesus christ will hear all my prayers

    and somehow it will be answered. please pray for my and my family to be reunite again and have a peace of mind. in Jesus name everything is possible and Jesus is bigger that my worries and fear.

  12. Also praying for reconcilation with my husband

    I cant help but cry while reading your post because that is exactly what I am undergoing through right now. My husband left me for another woman in time when I was jobless and with our daughter to support. We were forced to leave our home because I dont have money to pay for it anymore, and living in a small open basement with just washroom only. But depite of everything, I still love him and willing to take him back and help him transform to his old self, before he had his other woman. I am depressed and confused. I dont know if I have to keep holding on to the sanctity of our vows and believe he will come back for us or just file for divorce to end our sufferings. I pray and pray and pray to God to answer me…a part of me at times is losing hope, but I end up still holding to His promise…ask and you shall receive…

  13. Praying for you

    I am in your same situation but on a much deeper level…my heart cries for you as I have cried since my husband abandoned me and our two babies six months ago for an adulteress. I have carried the weight of the family alone and cried every day for six months, but still standing in my faith. I too am devastated and heartbroken after standing by my husband for five years now… I am praying for you!!

  14. god can do and save your marriage

    In this hard time trust that god will deliver your husband back to you better than he was before. However, in the mean time begin to close to god and allow him to fill you with his joy,peace, and allow forgiveness to come. ive been seperated from my husbandand when it firsthappend i was depressed and heart broken. Now i have peace and joy. im very involved in church and read my bible daily. i realize now my faults and my husbands. i also know that god is not going to materizale my prayers until hes ready and has made sure that i am. He wants to be to surrender and trust on him solely so when my husband comes back i wont forget about him. i confessed my husband will back and i havent waver on my faith. Im beginning to notice a differnece with my husband he has admitted that he doesnt want a divorce and he will be back. in the meantime im leaving it in gods handsand im not looking at the situation in more as bleek and hopeless. im focusing on god and trust that its god will for my marriage to be restored and not destroyed by the enemy who hates marriage. Prepare your heart for god, allow him to transform you and watch him work. I recommend a book that has helped me not give up and believe all things are possible with christ. A PRAYING WIFE by Stormie Omartian and HOW TO WIN YOUR HUSBAND BACK BEFORE ITS TO LATE. PRAISE GOD IN ADVANCED FOR WHAT HES GOING TO DO AND WALK IN IT WITH OUT A SHADOW OF A DOUBT. i hope this encourages you to keep praying without ceasing and believe in gods plan for your life.

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