Prayer for Reconciling my friendship and love

by Mikey (Boston)

God, I allowed my ego to get into the way and I am afraid that I may have lost not only the love of my life but also my best friend and supporter.

I have always been alone and she was able to provide me with a sense of consistency and home. But because she wanted to heal and spend time with others I mistook that as her abandoning me.

I was wrong, because if I love her as much as I said I do then I should have been strong enough to know in my heart that she was loving me and not going to let me go.

She now will not speak to me and refuses my calls. I pray that we can reconcile our relationship because i do love her very much and I pray that she can forgive me and open her heart to me.

I pray that she feels what I feel for her in my heart and I pray that I never hurt her like this again.