Prayer for reconciliaton

Dear God I come to you to ask you for this one thing that I truly wish for! I pray you help me and my ex C Reconciliation our love help us get back together lord plz! we had 8 years together and I still hold so much love for him! Lord I come to you in faith and hope and with something only you can help us with! God you know what is going on and you know were my heart is and how I feel lord you know my ex is hurt and is full of fear god I feel in my heart that he is the one you have planed for me I really feel that we are meant to be! I pray for your help to bring him back to me and help us see each other worth and plz remove any things blocking this pray from being answered.. god you have blessed me with my ex and I am so Thankful him and to be able to have the love I do for him god you new what you were doing when you let are paths cross and you know what love we would have for each other no matter what had happened long the way lord but fear took us and got us here lord and I see that now so I pray that you help my ex get past his fear of us and places it with the love I have for him and the love he has for me again help us to become one again and keep us strong! I pray you be with us this Saturday when he comes over let him see the love he has for me let him miss me and see that he want to be loved and card for by me and one me! help us work this out and to open his eyes again to me lord and his heart what was there be for put it back the love he had for he the good kind true love he has for me put it back! god C said I was the only one he wanted to be with for ever and grow old and be fun and funny in love he talk about us being together forever god then fear took that way! plz let us get this back with out him I feel alone and scared hurt and sad! lord plz hear this pray I cry out to you lord with my heart full of love and trust and faith in you lord you are the only one who can help me and him! thanks you god in being with me every step of the way and not giving up on me and sending your only son down to die for my sins! I pray in Jesus name I pray Amen!

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