Prayer for reconciliation.

Dear god,

I am writing this to you because I don’t know what to do anymore. I tried to reconcile my relationship with my partner and father of my son but it didn’t work. He is so cold hearted and doesn’t see that he is hurting the people around him. I would do anything to have my little family united again. I would like for you to please humble him down and let him see that his family needs him. His son deserves a chance to have his mom and dad in the same household. I wish he would love me like he use too, see everything I have done for him , and just appreciate what he had. My family is incomplete with out him. The love I still have for him hurts me every day as he pretends as if I’m not here anymore. Love doesn’t go away that fast. So I know I’m still in his heart. Please god just shine our bond and love that we have for one another back in his heart.

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