Prayer for reconciliation

by Brent (Dominica)

almighty Father. I pray earnestly I’m your name for the reconciliation of my wife myslyn and I. Please come into her heart and remove all spirit of dishonesty and hate. Please restore love in her heart so that she can learn to forgive and accept forgiveness.

Lord you r words said that marriage is forever and no man should separate what you have joined together. I am asking that you remove every ln fluency from that mam yannick fro the life of me wife and every powers of evil that has been places on our marriage. I have faith in you dear lord. just as you raised lazarus from the dead so to can you bring rebirth to my marriage and every other marriages that are hurting. pour out your precious blood on us so that we will be cleaned for a new beginning.

I ask the in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen

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