Prayer for Reconciliation with the love of my life

by Guy-Philippe (New Jersey)

I pray to Jesus, to help heal my ex-girlfriend’s heart for the things i have done, to allow her to return to me. I understand the consequences of my actions but only the love of Christ can bless me to change in the best way possible to reunited us together.

We have only been seperated for almost two months, but i know in my heart of heart she is the one i was and have been waiting for all my life. Pray to Jesus everyday for his blessings and for him to listen to my prayer.

He has humbled me is so many ways, and i hope he is listening to my heart. In my life i have never prayed this deeply and this intensivly for his blessing and his favor, but i ask him today and everyday for Jesus to grant me the person i love so much.

In Jesus name i pray.


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