prayer for reconciliation with my partner

by Juliene (Auckland, NZ)

Dear Lord God,

Forgive me for all the sins that i have done. i am not a church person and most of my life i have forgotten you. Lord, I am now in a situation where I don’t know what will happen to my life. Me and my partner have been together for almost 4 years and we are not perfect. we have ups and downs but we fought and passed every trials that we encountered. When he went to Jordan for a supposedly vacation last June 02,2017 unfortunate things happen. His dad got a surgery in the heart which made him stay for 5 months there. I truly understand about the situation which everyday we talked on phone and i totally supported him. During his time in Jordan, we never missed a day to talk and we avoided arguments specially he doesn’t want us to have problems. We have a lot of plans on his come back. he never missed a day telling me how much he love me. I am always rushing to go home after work because that is his wake up time which our time to talk. we have 10 hours difference so my night here in Auckland is their morning in Jordan. Even his eyes are still closed, he is already calling me. We cannot wait to see each other. Oct. 24 was the last check up of his dad and he told me that right after the check up, once he is sure that his dad is okay he will buy the ticket asap even if it is expensive. It was 23rd of October when I received the message from him saying that he was woken up by his parents and need to go somewhere and will talk once they come home I Love you Baobao. And that was his last message to me. For a week i was worried because its very unusual that he did not call me even message me. later i found out from his mom that he was already in the Philippines. my whole world was crushed and don’t even know what is happening . after a week i received a last text from him. a very short text saying that was his last text that he is ending everything with us and and was sorry for everything. and i did not have the chance to text him back because he already removed me in his facebook and messenger. Lord this man is very kindhearted person which took care for me my whole life here in NZ. I love him so much and I can’t even get mad at him. I cannot find anger in my heart. I can only feel that i need to understand him. I do not know the story but hoping that this is not our end. I am praying to you oh Lord that just one chance. please give us one more chance to fix everything. I promise not to ask what happen or why it happens.. I just want to leave everything on the past and make you as the center of our love and our life. i know that our situation is very impossible but with you our father all things are possible.. I am suffering everyday and do not know what will happen but I am giving everything on your hands.. thank you so much oh Lord.. In the name of your son Jesus Christ our savior. Amen.