Prayer For Reconciliation With Him

by Ser (Singapore)

Dear Lord,

Thank you for the love given to Dillon and I, thank you for all the good times and the bad times which helped us grow together and individually.

It has been some time now since he shouted at me and accused me of being a liar, assuming that I haven’t changed, that I’m not me again. I continue to pray to you for reconciliation, and for the miracle of a second chance. I believe everyone makes mistakes and everyone deserves a second chance.

I made my mistakes, I made him mad, I made him sad, I had hurt him. Yet I have learnt from my mistakes, Lord. I am me again, I have made the better changes. Although I still have more work to do on myself. Father, You know my heart, and You see through my heart. So Lord, bring him back.

Despite whatever past mistakes he had made, my love for him was strong and never-dying. I stood by through all the ups and downs with him, even when he fell short of strength to go on. I was his pillar, as You were for us. Lord, do not let us stray. I believe he is afraid, that all will be good for the short term, then spiral down again. Heavenly Father, restore his Faith and love in us, restore his belief in us once again that we will be better together.

Lord, soften his stubbornness and his pride, surround him with those who offer him loving advice. Dear Lord, reunite us. Give us a chance to continue on the journey that we started. Take away his temptations, take away ill-advices, fill his heart with goodness of what once was, fill his heart and soul with the love we had. Father, neither he nor I are bad people, our hearts are always in the right place. We may have strayed from you, but we loved one another selflessly and endlessly despite all the hardships we had faced together. Lord, bless him with a vision to see that it was not because of us that he had strayed from You, for I had reminded him not to swear and I had reminded him that we need You in the center of our relationship. Father, I pray you bless Dillon to remember all of that, and all of the goodness, to take away all of Satan’s negative thoughts in his mind and heart. I pray for You to bring us together again with better hearts, to love better, to trust in You in building a stronger love for us. I pray that You take away every negative thought that Satan has put in his mind of me. Lord, I pray you heal both of our hearts and fill us with forgiveness towards one another, so that we can see past our mistakes to love one another better and stronger again.

Lord, in You I trust, and to You I pray everyday. Lord, hear and answer my prayer. We are both Your children, and You love us both, so Lord, heal our hearts and souls, bring us closer to one another with Your hands and Your love, bring us closer and bring us back together once again. Father, bring him a sense of warmth, that we will be better together, to not fear that we will spiral down again. Father, I pray you bless him with Faith in us. Give him the strength to love us again, to continue our journey again, but on a fresh start.

Hear and answer the prayers of those who cry to you because they find themselves in the same situations. Almighty God, while people can be stubborn, You are the powerful one, reach out to us today. Reunite not only the relationship between Dillon and I, but those relationships that are crying out for help.

In Jesus’ Name I Pray,

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