Prayer for reconciliation & thanks

by Kelly (San Fernando, Trinidad)

Dear God, Thank you abundantly for all your blessings and the chance at this relationship. Lord we have reached a point where only you change its course. Please guide us both to come to the right decision.

I prayer for his safety, and that you cleanse his heart and that he sees you as the one & true god and that he repents for his sins.Guide him to understand that his selfish and arrogant ways are not the way to go and though he thinks that this is the way he should behave because of his previous experiences, let his heart be receptive to the fact that I cannot pay the price for others’ sins.

Comfort him to know that the world is not bad, to trust and to respect you, to have faith in you and to not stray.Remove the alcohol from his body and cleanse his soul.Lord hear my cry for the list is too long for the things I wish to help him with.
Heavenly father, for myself I simply ask that you heal my heart from the hurt.I thank you sincerly for the opportunity and time I had with him, but if it is your will that this be over now….

lord I pray for the strength to move on. I know I have done what I could,but I also know you help those who help themselves.Guide my heart and my body to make the right decision and to accept it. Bless me with the patience to accept what may come my way.Give me the courage to do your will.My tears have fallen and my prayers remain stained in my heart, lord you know my hurt and my dreams that may be shattered,you know the countless times I have brought him before you…..

help me father.I thank you for all the other blessings that I have continued to receive from you lord.
If this relationship is to move forward, I pray that it moves with your guidance.Let there be peace, love and respect.Let all his negative influences and temptations be permanently removed.God all I want is some direction. For others who have experienced this and much worse, Lord give them the strength to hold on and not lose their sanity.

Give them the courage to walk or to stay…..whichever is right for them.Father remove any dark thoughts that may have entered my mind & heart because of the hurt and deception he has done to me, and let me find peace. I wish to have the relationship we agreed to, the one where we promised to be faithful and to stick it to the end…..I love him, but I put everything into your hands dear god.Remind him of our love, fill his heart with clean, pure thoughts.

Let him know you.Lord ,let your will be done.I pray for the miracle of healing this broken relationship. In this, one of my darker hours, Lord I ask for your help, guidance and a huge dose of patience and faith.
Bless everyone in the world tonite god. For those joining you in heaven, I pray that their souls are cleansed and that they enjoy being in your presence, and for the rest of us left behind,I pray that we choose the path that would lead us to you.

Thank you father for all you have done for me and my family and I know that I am no-one without you. Keep me humble as always and let me continue to help those I can. Please show me the way with this relationship.I thank you and all these mercies I ask in your name…AMEN.