Prayer for reconciliation of my marriage

by Standish (VA)

Prayer for reconciliation of my marriage. Jesus, I have suffered from substance abuse issues for the last 12 years or so. I have been in and out of recovery with varying degrees of success. I overdosed on pain killers and had a seizure in front of my wife and daughter. Miraculously, I survived completely intact. My wife however kicked me out of the house and indicates that she was traumatized and devastated by the incident. She said she cannot make a decision at this point as to whether to reconcile or divorce and that it will take her a long time to arrive at that decision. I am sincere when I say I am done with substance abuse. I am in complete agony. It hurts me the most to see my 13-year-old daughter so depressed and sad. We have been apart for two weeks and it seems to be an eternity. Please soften my wife Marsha’s heart and help her forgive me and allow us to be together again as a family under one roof. Amen

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