Prayer for Reconciliation of Marriage, I love my Husband

by Heidi (Fond Du Lac WI)

Dear Lord,

I know your plan for my husband and my marriage was to last a lifetime. I know you brought us together to join as one and create a lifetime of love and happiness. I ask for strength and patience in this time of hardship and sadness in our family.

Our children miss their father as do I. I ask for your blessings to soften my husbands heart and forgive both of our sins against one another. He is a great man that loves and adores his children and me. I ask when it is your will to bring my husband home. Please provide all of us the strength to get through each day apart so when it is your will our family can reunite and find the love and happiness we once had. I ask for your blessings on the King family to reunite our family before it is to late and satan works his ways into mine or my husbands heart.

I also ask for your help find myself and let go of the negative thoughts that consume my every moment during the day. Please allow me to heal from the hurts of the past and let go of the pain to be able to fully love my husband as well as myself. Please help our family become one once again.

In Jesus Name I pray. Amen

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