prayer for reconciliation for what was a beautiful family

by Micheline (Canada)

Dear Lor Jesus,

I’m so tired of hurting and my heart breaks for my beautiful son because I know his heart is hurting too. The father of my child and the love of my life gave up on our family. We we’re a beautiful family with a happy child. We both did hurtful things and took our precious family for granted.

We are now apart and things were given up on to quickly. I pray to you my saviour and faithful lord to open his eyes and heart and give our family another chance. He is blinded by negative people and I need your help.we need your help.

Please restore our family and fill him with the holy spirit and bring him back to us for good. Everything is possible through you lord and I know you see our son hurt and me suffer, and I know he still loves me. So please warm up his heart and remove all obstacles that stand in our way.

You are my Lord! I love you with all of me. You have always helped me Jesus! Please fix this for all of us! Forgive us and bless us and please bring us together!

We want to go home. To our home.
Thank you for everything you have given me!
Please give me the gift of my family back together, the gift of love, joy and forgiveness!
Please wake him up Lord!

I love you and always will
Thank you