Prayer for reconciliation for our relationship

by Sareni (Fort Worth, Tx)

Dear lord I come to you with this prayer that you help us get threw this troubled time in our relationship. Help him, guide him in you’re direction. Help him relize that though I’ve made mistakes that my love for him has never changed,it has gotten stronger, and that he can trust me and give me another chance to show him that I can be that women he once fell in love with, I will not let him down. Dear lord I leave everything in you’re hands and I have faith that we will build back up to what we once were with you’re guidance.

I’m sorry if what you once gave me lord with this man I took for granted. I ask for you’re forgiveness, and ask to bless us both with endless love and happiness for one another. Thank you God for this whole experience good and bad you have taught me so much. I love you God.