Prayer for Reconciliation between me, Husband & Mother in Law + control my tongue

by Cheryl (Bangalore, Karnataka, India)

I have been married for a year now; every month, just before my monthly periods could start, I loose my temper and talk rot.

This was suffered by my Mom, I’ve even physically attacked her and talked dirty about her, same goes with my younger brother and people around me.

Now I feel low as things have gone to the extent of affecting my marriage. I love my Husband, Santhosh John very much. However, every month I have a fight, because I get irritated with petty things and end up talking rot about him, his mom and his family.

He has been forgiving me all this while, but now he says its better we separate and hates me the most.

I ask God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Mamma Mary, St.Anthony, St.Jude, All the Angels & Saints to pray for me to the Lord our God to bless me first. Sanctify me, renew me and bless me to be a good person and control my tongue, thoughts and my actions.

I want to live a happy peaceful Christian life with my Husband, I don’t want my marriage to break. Please please, I want to change and also God bless my Husband and his Mom to forgive and forget all the hurtful deeds of mine and that they accept me and start a new promising life.

In Jesus name, Amen!