Prayer for Reconciliation and Salvation

by Gab (Namibia)

Father, I just want to lift me and my boyfriend’s relationship up to You for healing . Lord, He left me and I don’t know what I have done wrong, He is the man I want to get married to .You know him inside and out and know what his heart and soul yearns for.

Father, I pray for strength and wisdom for the both of us and to take the madness and angry from his heart and I i pray that we can weather the storm together, that he will rejoice for the redemption of his soul by coming to know You personally as his savior. Father God, help me to let go of fear and give it completely up to YOU.

Lord, give me the words to say and let Your Holy Spirit guide each move I make. Father, I trust You and am so thankful that You are a God of justice and peace. Please come into our relationship and our lives and help us to be the man and woman you intended and to make us strong and come together as one In Christ’s precious name, Amen. – I believe that what is impossible for us is Possible to you God. Please bring back the love in our relationship and let us appreciate each other in Jesus Name..Amen

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