Prayer for Reconciliation and Love

by Leslie (Dallas)

St. Jude I pray that he will forgive me for my selfish decisions when he needed me the most he has personal issues at home after losing his mother recently (may she rest in peace such a sweet woman) I don’t deserve him now, but he is the Angel I had been praying to God for.

The one who I have been longing for and I messed it up over something so stupid. Now he doesn’t want a relationship with me and I understand. He doesn’t forgive me for what I did. I left him for what I didn’t. I left him for selfish reasons.

He is the only one for me. I love him dearly and appreciate him in many ways. I pray that he also sees change in me and he sees my heart as gold. It’s true when they you appreciate when you’re gone. He makes me a better person even though he has said before he doesn’t want anything more than just friendship.

I pray that he gives me a second chance. He is my angel sent from heaven. Please help him fall for me again. I pray that he finds peace within himself again. I love him dearly. Help me St. Jude <3

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