Prayer for Reconciliation and for the Lord to soften my wife’s heart

by Scott (Chicago)

Dear Lord

I have been proud and blind, and after 17 years of marriage am faced with a wife who has “had enough” and sees little option other than separation and divorce to end her pain. I have been thoughtless and careless with her heart, and in thousands of little ways neglected her needs and failed to follow the examples of Godly love You gave to us in your Son, Lord. I have distanced myself from her through focusing on all the many “crisis of the day”, and been blind and unresponsive to her pleas for affection and acknowledgement.

My eyes were blind, and I realize I have failed to follow Your teachings. I now see the suffering I have caused her, and repent of my past behaviors. I have committed myself to God, for only through His Grace will any of this be possible.

I pray that You send the Holy Spirit to fill both of us – to allow me to live the Godly life you intend for each of us, and allow her to be filled with your Love and Grace so that her heart may soften and see the changes I’m making, and understand Your love for each of us, and see Your love manifest through my actions.

I pray for reconciliation, and the return of my best friend in the world.


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