Prayer for reconciliation and fertility

by Ana (Missouri)

I pray that God helps Tony and I communicate and find a way to reconcile soon.

We were together for 6 years and we were planning on spending our lives together. 7 months ago we realized, and it was confirmed by a doctor, that I suffer from infertility. This was particularly difficult to accept for Tony and he decided that we had to separate as we wouldn’t be able to have children of our own which is what he desires more than anything in the world.
I pray that the holy spirit descends upon him and helps clarify his thoughts. There’s much love for each other in our hearts. I believe that nothing is impossible for God and if we can have a second chance, God could heal my body and bless our relationship with the conception of our own children.

Please dear Lord, hear my prayers. Please show us the way. Please let this be your will. I pray to you in the name of Jesus Christ.