Prayer for reconciliation again

by Alyssa (Indiana)

Please pray for my ex-boyfriend and I. He shattered my heart by breaking up with me two days before Christmas. We were together for 3.5 years. We were inseparable, just a lot of petty bickering here and there and he just gave up. Please pray for him to find himself again and the love he saw in me once before.

He has completely shunned me from his life and we see each other at church once a week. He won’t talk to me, hang out with me or anything. Its as if I don’t exist anymore after 3.5 years. Please pray for his heart to soften and for him to really care about me again and love me again and see the love he saw in me once before again.

Please pray for the silence to break soon and for him to at least start wanting to talk to me again and see where that can take us.

He has seen I have changed and I think it is confusing him more. Please pray for him not to be confused as well about me and to give me another chance like God would want him to since God gives us multiple chances in life.

Thank You