Prayer for Reconcilation

by Kathy ()

A few months ago, the man I love and had been in a relationship with (for 4 years) told me he was gay and suffering with depression. This completely shocked me (and all those who are aware of the situation), as both our families and friends had encouraged our relationship.

People were continually asking us when we were going to get married. In terms of the depression, no one was aware of this and I feel awful that he has battled it alone.
I love him deeply and do not understand this situation at all. Since he reveled this to me, he has completely withdrawn and will not talk to me as he’s aware of causing pain and hurt in my life. I miss my best friend.

I don’t believe that God would give up on him, and I can’t either. I’ve suffered a lot of loss in my life and this situation has left me in despair. I’ve questioned God a lot on this, and at times have deeply questioned my faith. I want to be generous in my love to Tom, as that is what Jesus would be.

Please pray for restoration of this relationship, that it is founded in Jesus and it is filled with hope. I’d love God to break into this situation. He is a wonderful man, who is a person of peace. I forgive him, and would like him to know that. I feel very lonely a lot of the time, and am worried that he feels this way too.
I pray that generosity will be shown to him in ways that he can’t imagine, and that he will know that it is God, not mankind who provides it to him.

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