Prayer for Reconcilation

by KT (Singapore)

My Lord, I know that you are a God of restorer and love. You do not want to see your beloved child suffer. You are high above the skies watching over me and him. We have been hurt by each other unknowingly. I pray that both of us will heal as individuals, to get over the disappointments we have of each other.

I pray for the restoration of my broken relationship with You, My Lord. I should not have decentralized you in my life and instead too basked in my happiness with him. I know that God, you are separating us right now, as there are lessons that you want us to learn as individuals. For me, it’s a time alone with the Lord, to teach me patience and build my faith. I pray first for God’s desire for my life and if Your will be done, please help me with this broken relationship.

I am sure of what I hope for but I pray that I have the faith in Your Power to restore my broken relationship with my love one. I am too weak and won’t be able to do this on my own. But because my Lord is mighty, He is the Alpha and the Omega. He can bring forth miracles in my life and restore this broken relationship.

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