Prayer for Reconcilation for our Family

Dear God bless my family with hope,faith,and charity.Bring us back together as a family in unity and stop the fighting,bickering,and backstabbing. God made us a family for a reason. My son, I pray for you that you will step off of the wrong road and come into the light of God.

I don’t what I did wrong in life to make you hate me with this cruel hatred and to make you keep my one any only grandson from me knowing how much we love one another. If its because of jealousy,you have no need for that you will always have a place in my heart even though you’ve broken it by refusing me my grandson which I had with me since he was two days old because his mother wanted nothing to do with him and he called me mom.

I watched over him with God’s help to help you get back on your feet and this is how you repay your only mother by breaking her heart and crying every single day. I pray for you my son and my grandson please come back in family unity.