prayer for reconcialtion and restoration of our marriage

by Caroline Yaun ()

Lord, please help me to fix our marriage, my husbands revelations is not easy, he is having an affair with 6 other womens for 25yrs of being together as a couple, pls. Gice me more strength and courage to accept all his faults, because i know lord, despite of what he did, he showed regrets and he wants to restore his life with us his family,.. I pray for his restoration lord, make me an instrument again to change him fir a better.. I want to give him a second chance.,but i need your mire strength lord and courafe to accept everything, heal my broken heart lord, i am thinking lord if i give up,what will gonna happen to my family ??and what will gonna happen to him..and me???
I am sorry lord ,that i am thinking to commit suicide because of what had happened to us just today i got this news, idont say bad news but i consider this as a good news.. Bcause, he revealed everything to me now, ncause he dont want to carry the heavy loads anymore he is killing his conscienxe now…

Lord, heal my broken heart, and pls. Touch my husbands heart.. Guide us always lord for the right decissions..
Am asking you lord pls.. Take away all my pains right now lord and learn me to accept the truth. Pls lord.. Take away the pains.. Rstore our marriage lord, and pls always stay at the center of my family.
In jesus name,
I pray Amen

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