Prayer for reciprocation of love


Dear Lord, have mercy on me. I have always prayed to you and thanked you for all things great and small. You gave me all material things except the most important thing which makes a woman complete, the gift of love.

I have always been rejected and cheated on all my life, you helped me overcome the pain but never replaced it with love in my life. I have finally met someone I really love and would like to spend the rest of my life with him, I humbly and urgently request you Lord to release him from his past and help him love me the way I want to be loved.

Heal our wounds Lord that are stopping us from loving eachother and being with each other. In my mind I have already accepted and dreamed about this person to be my life partner and I hope to experience the wonders of your mercy through his love. I hope he makes up for all the years I have missed out on love and loves me completely and unconditionally.

This my humble and urgent request to you in Jesus’s name. Amen

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