Prayer for reassignment to be near to my family

Lord Jesus, thank You for all the blessings that You have given me and my family, sorry that sometimes i have doubted and lost faith in You. Please strengthen me to believe in the things that i hoped for, in the things that i aspire, in the things that i believed for my self and my family.

If things don’t come as expected please make me know how to wait and still be thankful since You know what is good for me and the future that brings it. Let me be contended with what i have, happy with all your blessing, thankful with all your grace. I am happy now with this prayer…

I may not be re-assign to PSU-Bayambang, but I am still glad because i have my work and still happy with my work, although far from my residence, it’s alright because You will always protect me in my daily travel…thank you so much Lord…You knew what is good for me…and I will always believe in You. Amen.