Prayer for rare type of metastasized nsclc

by Denise (Maiden, NC ,Lincoln)

Dear Heavenly Father I first begin my prayer for all the small children who are suffering of cancer. And don’t understand. Why they are so sick.

Forgive me of my sins especially, when I am angered that people who don’t care for their own lives that they almost OD on drugs and put their family through horrible days not knowing if they our going to survive. But they survive. But they do survive and come out from a coma two days later and go back to what that they were doing two days earlier.
I pray that they see how precious life is. And put an end to the suffering they cause their family.
Now I pray for myself. I love my family and I want to see my grand baby born. With your holy hands. I ask that you rid
My body of the cancer that has spread From my lungs,, to my knee, brain, spine hip, eye and anywhere else it may be. Please lord hear my prayer and heal me so I can have a few more years with my family. In Jesus Christ name, Amen