Prayer for quick, gainful, and delightful employment…

by D ()

Dear community of brothers and sisters,

I ask that you pray for further patience and understanding for our landlord whom we are in and have been in a deficit paying our rent for the last 3 months while keeping food and utilities. Since the prodigal wife’s absence, bills have gotten out of control without any financial assistance from anyone and not enough items to sell online.

Unemployment is $1448 monthly with $750 rent and $150 auto insurance.

The landlord called to say the partners are impatient and need me to email them a plan. I know I should not fear but I do not want to come home with things out in the street.

Although i know it is a business and I’d be evicted elsewhere, I appreciate their patience as I continue to seek employment after year of being laid off.

My prayer request is also for employment in IT work where, according to HIS will, I can best utilize my gifts and continue to share HIS word.

Thank you!

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