Prayer for Purpose

by Joanne (Canada)

Lord, I know you have been with me during this trying time. I know you are guiding my steps and molding me for my future. You removed me from the wrong path and came into my heart to renew my mind and spirit and forward me onto the path needed.

You knew me before I was born and my life is yours. I am a humble servant looking for work. Seeking the opportunity to be used for my designed purpose.
I love you Lord. You amaze me. My time here in the valley has been good, and I know you have provided for me and my faith remains that once this section of my journey expires you will provide for me two fold.
Lord I want and need your words to reassure me that all my needs will be met. I meditate daily and keep quiet to hear your voice.
Bless me O’ Lord with annointing and divination.
By your power and the blood of Christ.

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