Prayer For Provision Of Land

by Samuel ()

My name is Samuel.

Recently an uncle of mine who is the oldest in the family, who dosent visit home was called telephoned and requested by my mum for approval for me to build a house in one of the family lands. This uncle agreed and gave me the approval, but somehow an older cousin wasn’t happy about this and because he has money and influence in our village, a lot of people supported him to take the land away from me. He went to the land and errected fence all around it, denying me access to it.

I had to leave it for him hence my uncle that gave me the land is no longer reachable by phone and no one in the family knows his address of residence in the city.

For peace to rain, I am currently searching for a land elsewhere for me to build the house at least for my mum to have a place to call home.

Brethren, kindly pray for me that our God in His infinite mercies should provide for me the best land and also give me the finances to enable me make the purchase and equially build the house and furnish it to His glory and to the shame of the enemy.

Pray that whatever the enemy and his agents are planning or has planned for me not to get a good land or for the blocks that I have already moulded to be wasted should be destroyed by the power of God in Jesus name, amen.

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