Prayer for Provision for those who Believes in the Father

by Cheryl (Victoria)

This prayer is a combined prayer for all those who are in need of money for debt, for family or anything and also for my personal needs to pay debt. I request all those people who read this to say this atleast once with all great joy and great heart in presence of our Lord.

Dear God, for those who beleive in you, You are always there to help us to support us. Look in these times of trouble we do not give our faith but hold it up. For we put all our trust in you and you are the God of Justice , you return the answer with same trust and love. In your holy name we trust and wait , some of us need this mere material money of this world in week’s time and some needs may be in less time. But when you have sent us in this world , you have taken care of every single day of our lives.

Just comfort us through your holy spirit and let us rejoice in your great love. Find us solutions and find us peace. we thank you Lord our God for your blessings and providing us for today and tommorow and everafter.

All the Grace and Power and Praise to our dear Lord God Jehova and Jesus Christ our God ,thourgh him we see the light . Amen