Prayer for Protection


Lord God, I seek thy protection from the evil one, and from all those who are trying to pull me down. Oh Lord, lift me up and let my business prosper and I can be a servant in your wineyard. Lord God, help my children and open new doors and opportunities for them. Let them be strong in your ways, cover them with your holy blood and form a hedge around them that no harm comes their way.

Lord God, my life is stalled currently, their is no growth in all respect, help me over come all the shackles that is binding me and keeping me grounded. All my burdens and problems I submit before thee, I am helpless, nothing is possible with me. Lord, you know best what is our needs and resolve all my problems. Lord, help me rid of the burden in my heart. Give me the opportunity to come into your ways and walk your path. Forgive my sins which I have done knowingly or unknowingly. Help me God.