Prayer for Protection, Salvation and Finances.

by Jenelle ()

My mom and dad are getting a divorce. Because my dad found out that my mom is having and affair. The person my mom is having an affair with is 24yrs old. My mom is 63yrs old. Also my dad started smoking again and he isnt sleeping. He sometimes cry about the situation. He spends his time talking on the phone about the situation. Also my moms buisness is failing because everyone in the community found out that she is having an affair. She is in a mess financially. Also, the person she is with is a smoker and he is in the world. My mom also stopped going to church and my dad also. My mom keeps calling around everyone she knows and is asking them for money. She also gives money to this person that she is with. She is back living with my grandmom.

Also i hear voices and have spiritual attacks. A voice came to me a few years ago and said if i say yes it would give me anything i want. I did. And after this voice controlled me and my entire household and turned it upside down after two years i remembered what i said. And repented for it. But i have been hearing voices since the age of 13 and i dont know why. Now i am 29 and i cant hear my own thoughts or am i able to control my own mind.

Also my sister who is pregnant is having minor complications and keeps having difficuties with her blood pressure. Please pray for a sucessful delivery in march. She also has financial issues and her husband lost his job.

I also feel a man sitting in me who lives in my areas. I have caught this man staring at me many times. I can hear this mans voice talking to me and telling me about all the sexual things he wants to do to me. He even shows them to me as i hear his voice.

Please pray for the salvation of me and my family.

Please pray for the protection of me and my family from Satanic attacks. And from evil.

Please pray for the family buisness which is not doing so well. Please pray for the finances of Giselle Lutchman, Jessica Lutchman, Josiah Lutchman, Mahadeo Lutchman, Josephine Lutchman, Seeta Lutchman, Kareem who is Josephine’s Lutchman husband because he lost his job and please pray for my finances, Jenelle Lutchman.

Please pray for my mom to heal emotionally and that she would not indulge in the things of the flesh.

Please pray for Giselle Lutchman because she has hip problems and sometimes loses her sight when driving even though she wears her glasses and also pray for her spine which hurts at times. Please pray for Jessica Lutchman who has spiritual attacks. Please pray for Josiah Lutchman and any problems he may have may it be spiritual, emotional, mental and physical.

Please pray for the health of Mahadeo, Seeta, Josephine, Josiah, Jessica and Giselle and myself.

Please pray for my mind because i can not hear my own thoughts or control my mind.

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