Prayer for Protection over a friend.

by Israel (San Antonio Tx)

I thank you Lord for your mercy and your exceeding grace. You are my Jehovah Shalom, my Lord of peace. I praise you and thank you for your great love.

A friend of mine lies accused by some people that are threatening him. I come to you in this time and ask you to please send your angels to watch over him and protect him. Be by his side and let him know that you are there and that you love him. Also Lord, I pray for those people that wish to do him harm, heal their minds, bless their family and allow them to grow and move on in a positive direction.

Take control over their lives and use them in a way that will bring you glory. Thank you Lord for loving us so. I plead the blood of Christ over our lives and I praise you for always being there by our sides. This I pray in Jesus name. Amen.

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