Please pray that I find a full time teaching position at a Catholic school where I will be respected as a teacher, staff member, not harassed or accused of doing things that I have not done. Please pray that a principal of one school I subbed at 2 weeks ago stops discriminating against me and that she stops accusing me of doing things I have not done. Please pray that false accusers stop accusing, as gossip or false complaints may they never destroy my teaching career or life. Please pray that I find A PRACTICING CATHOLIC SPOUSE. Lately, I have been feeling tired, frustrated, lonely, accused of things that I have not done this has increased my level of anxiety and stress, worry.

Let Jesus guide me and watch over me. May Jesus protect me from false accusers, false accusations, gossip, sin, evil, and anxiety/worry. Please also pray for the health, wellness and safety of my immediate and extended family. I really need you to PRAY FOR MY INTENTIONS. Please feel free to forward my prayer requests to others.


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