Prayer for protection in court trial

My son, David is going for arraignment at 1:00 p.m. Please pray the judge shows mercy when the bond amount is set.

He has no money. Ask God to place his arc of safety and protection around David and provide me with strength in these circumstances. No weapon formed against him shall prosper or me.

Please pray continually. Thank you.

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  1. favor

    And to bring closer to god after this.He don’t know god. He will after this.

  2. prayers for you

    My fiancee goes before the judge tomorrow at 1:30 for his arraignment.He is being wrongfully accused, because the police officers misconstrued everything. I pray that your sons Judge shows mercy as well as my fiancee’s. I pray that the charges will be dropped.

  3. court cases

    We were created for glory! I rebuke the shame of these court cases in Jesus name. May your son be free and your fiancee too. My son is also in court this morning. Pray for his freedom with me please.

  4. Prayer

    Pray that my son who is about to go to trial will be set free and come home to be with his family. I feel his incarceration was divine intervention. God allowed him to be in there so he can take a good look at his life and see the dangers out there in this world. He will come out of jail a better person and has learned to have faith in the Lord. He is closer to the Lord than he has ever been

  5. Pray for my boyfriend

    My boyfriend will have court tomorow pray for judge see he is a good man and deserves an opportunity in society. He is innocent and does not deserve to be where he is at now.

  6. Divorce and Child Support

    I’m asking for prayers as I have to go to court next month for my divorce. I can’t afford a lawyer and my soon to be ex husband has one. I know that he may be seeing I’d he can gt the spousal support canceled out. Along with the fact that he’s fighting having yo pay child support for our children. It’s very intimidating to have to go to court without a lawyer while the other party has one. I asking for prayers that God will guide me and be there every step of the way along with opening doors for me to be able to get the help that I need. Thank you

  7. prayer for freedom

    I pray Lord as my boyfriend attends his first day in court tomorrow for a long trial that it will be the first step to a new life. I pray that the Lord almighty and his son know what is in my boyfriends heart and the man he truly is and will allow him to have victory so that he may finally begin his life and accomplish the many goals in his heart, I believe God has lead him down this path so that he may grow and become wiser, so that he can understand and see the consequences of ones actions, I pray that God and he son our Lord know how much the years, months, days leading up to tomorrow have changed my boyfriend for the better. Please Lord hear my prayer, please protect him.


    Please pray I have a court hearing on Wednesday the 29th of October. I am asking that you join me in prayer for favor and a discharge with no conviction.
    Also I find a good job to pay the legal fees my mortgage as well as other bills…. that god would restore what the enemy has tried to steal off me this year as its been very stressful and i have suffered depression through out this process…
    God would grant complete freedom from all consequences and the blood of Jesus would cover me and the outcome would be much greater than I could believe…..
    To God I commit this. IN Jesus Name’


    Please pray I have a court hearing on Wednesday the 29th of October. I am asking that you join me in prayer for favor and a discharge with no conviction.
    Also I find a good job to pay the legal fees my mortgage as well as other bills…. that god would restore what the enemy has tried to steal off me this year as its been very stressful and i have suffered depression through out this process…
    God would grant complete freedom from all consequences and the blood of Jesus would cover me and the outcome would be much greater than I could believe…..
    To God I commit this. IN Jesus Name’

  10. Please help pray thankyou

    Please pray for me I have trial set for February 2nd 2015 at 830 am please pray that I get forgivness and I get no conviction jury finds me not
    Not guilty have mental disability and have no
    Money and if I go jail loose my place stay
    Form Michigan homeless colation
    Please pray for me for protection from
    All satans works n my trial bind back 2 jesus
    N that the jury finds me not guilty I ment
    No harm threw my sins im alone
    I’m apartmen trying 2 stay strong

  11. Court Case

    Please pray that the judge will allow my son Dantae to come and live. with me again . All previous charges against him will be dropped .

  12. my Child court battle

    I found this site and would like people to pray for me and my son Matthew. I will be going into a jury trail to bring my son home he is now 14. I am asking for prayers because allot of people think I’m a bad mother but I’ve always place my Children’s needs before mine. I would like my son to stand strong and not let anyone make him change his mind I don’t want bad influence over him but what his heart wants I like prayers for my self because the other Attorney will drag me Thur the mud that I stay strong and that my mother who has pass on will be my guide as well as God. I’ve need protection from evil mouths and minds that the jury see what my son wants and that I’m all great mother

  13. Sentencing this Friday

    Father God,
    May you hear my humble request that the results of the court hearing and sentencing from the judge be full of grace favor & mercy.
    You do not treat us as our sins deserve thank you so please nay I walk free to be blessed & be a blessing. May no weapon formed against me prosper, & every tongue silenced in Jesus name.
    I thank you for your gear love & care.

  14. Prayer for my bestfriend

    Please pray for my bestfriend as he awaits trial with no bond. He has been falsely accused of being involved in criminal activities with two other guys. Evidence has been accounted for the two guys but nothing for my bestfriend and he doesn’t have a lawyer at his defense. I pray that God shows great grace and favor on all three guys. I ask for mercy and forgiveness for their wrong doing, but i pray that my friend charges are dropped and that he is granted to come home. I’ll admit that his flesh is weak and troubled but he is really hungry for God’s word, he wants his soul to prosper. We’ll pray and go to church together and his soul was beginning to be restored. God blessed him with a job and he even started going to bible study on his own. I send him bible scriptures to uplift his spirit then it escalated into prayers and i found this website that i absolutely love. I prayer for my bestfriend every night, i know that unity in prayer is powerful so please pray that no wepond form against him shall prosper. Thank you and may God bless you all.

  15. Prayers

    You all have my prayers and I sincerely hope all works out and Gods blessings reign on each of you. If I could ask for
    Prayer Please pray for my sister Katie. She’s in the midst of a court battle and dealing with custody issues for my precious niece. My sister’s name is Katie. While she has made mistakes, she has owned them and confessed them before God begging forgiveness. She has shown repentance and has worked hard to get her issues under control with therapy, and through lots of prayer. Everyone deserves a second chance. Please Pray that Monday the court sees that she is a good person and sees how hard she is trying and that they don’t believe the lies of man, but instead see her in the light that God does. Our family needs your prayers. Katie needs this victory, she is weary and needs our love and support most. Thank you all so much.

  16. going to court in november

    please can you pray for me and a friend, we are accused of fraud and i am accused mortgage fraud. Please pray for forgiveness and that the Lord Jesus have mercy upon us as we have changed our My heart is bleeding we are both single parents.

  17. Prayer for Ben

    Lord help Ben for his trial tomorrow. I know You see his tears have mercy on him. I ask you to cover him with Your Mighty hand. Give him strength and courage to fight for his rights. Touch the heart of the judge and let Ben overcome this trial.

  18. Prayer for Butch

    Lord God, Please help my husband today as he will be gping to court . Protect him from those people who want to.push him.down. Lord you know my husband how.good he is please help protect him. Help him that he will win without any penalty he”s innocent. Help him that will be cleared. Touch the heart of the juudge who handle the case. Please Lors have.mercy on him…

  19. Pray for my son

    Father God in the name of Jesus I pray for my son Israel who was protecting his family, when I man came to harm them , I pray for mercy and your favor, when his bond his set and this case. Father God touch the heart and mind of all who make decisions. Father let the court know of Israel dedication to his family and the community, Father God, we give you total Praise for being our Lord and Savior, we praise you for never leaving or forsaking us we thank you in advance for bringing Israel out of this trials giving you praise. Father God you said in your word he’s above not beneath and no weapons formed against him shall prosper. I thank you father God in the name above all names. IN Jesus Name!


    Please help my husband, he is going for hearing at his workplace today, he did not get any warning before and he overheard the manager some weeks ago that they want to fire him. This is the works of the devil and I believe in God for a miracle

  21. Prayer for my brother

    Please pray for my brother he has court tomorrow at 9:00. Please help him GOD.

  22. Arraignment hearing

    Please pray for a merciful and compassionate judge and Angel’s in the courtroom as I stand before the judge with my counsel today.
    Give me strength and peace heavenly father. St Michael protect me today and always. By the blood of Christ I as all these things. Mother Mary intercede for me today. Amen

  23. amo

    please pray for my son who will be going to court in May Holy Mary mother of God pray for him. in Jesus Name Amen.

  24. Prayer

    Lord I pray that you put your hands over my boyfriend as he goes to court this morning I know he has done wrong I just pray that he walks out the court house today learning his lesson Amen

  25. Lord's help

    Lord I pray that my boyfriend comes out of court tomorrow morning learning his lesson and changing for the better .

  26. Dismissal

    Pray that the Lord cover my son with the blood of Jesus as he is being tried for something he didn’t do. In name of of you Jesus go in the hearts of everyone involved to dismiss this case I ask in the name of the Holy Spirit to guild his lawyer in the direction of which he needs take control of his words Jesus to convince the judge that my son is innocent of this crime . Go in the heart of the accurser to make this right and tell the truth Jesus in the name of you

  27. Prayer for Mario

    Heavenly Father, thank you for your blessing. Cover my brother with your love, peace and strength. Send the Holy Spirit to intercede for him to let the judge decide in his favor for full custody of his children. You know the pain he and the children have beared as she left them to start a relationship with another woman. Heal their wounds to replace anger and hurt with love and peace and a new beginning for the entire family. Have mercy on them. We ask you this in the name of Jesus. Amen.

  28. Protection in Court

    Please pray for my wife as she’s going to court today for being framed for fraud at a work place and that has affected our lives badly

  29. Pray for my fiancé

    Please pray for him he goes to court tomorrow his kids miss him so much.

  30. Court

    Dear lord

    Tomorrow my son Jose is going to court. I know that he had done wrong. Please help him he is struggle with addiction but, you know better than me, he deserve your mercy, let the judge make the right choice and send him to a program

  31. Court Case

    Lord I pray for my Boyfriend who’s court date starts on Monday 10.10.2016. I Know he is innocent of the crime he is accused of. Please help him to go through that week and walk out a free man. You know his heart Lord in Jesus name I ask and I pray for him.

  32. Prayer for victory over court cases

    May the God of David , Samson, Gideon and Jusha the Lion of the tribe of Judah be with us all as we fight our legal battles. He will not leave us nor forsake us no battle is too big for Him. Let us Receive our victory by faith as we have called on His name. It is well. Amen

  33. Prayer for my brother

    Please pray for my brother who has Court tomorrow. We pray for a positive out come. May Lord be with him tomorrow.

  34. Wow

    Why do you people think this will work? My boyfriend is going to court and I was looking online for advie. This site made me genuinely mad.

  35. Trial

    Please pray for my son James. Please let the courts show him mercy and compassion and release him to come home to his family. Protect him God . Help him through the traumas and nightmares he faced through this case. Let him heal, let him be free and let him feel the sunshine on his face . Show him your light and guidance and love. I pray for everyone involved are healed.

  36. Prayers

    Please pray for my son . He has trial tomorrow. Pray he makes it through this and comes out free from it. He has a rough road ahead him to over come the wrongs done to him. Help him heal. Pray for all involved they need it.

  37. A prayer for my son who has court tomorrow.

    Please pray for my son he has court day tomorrow . To give him the strength and mind through this difficult time .

  38. Prayers

    Please pray for my soon to be fiance (Dedrick) as he is to go to arraignment in the morning and pray they drop the petty charge to send him home to me and my 4 kids…Amen

  39. Prayer for a good friend

    Heavenly Father, I pray you watch over my best friend tomorrow as the courts decide the final verdict. I pray you give him guidance & strength as he is being questioned. Please show mercy and be there with him. I pray he is found innocent and can find peace again. Thank you for all that you do. I’m with God & Gods with me. In Jesus name we pray, Amen.

  40. Favor

    Prayer needed for my son everything will be resolved at his pretrial soften thr prosecutors heart fair is fair.

  41. Prayers

    Lord God, Please help my husband today as he will be going to court. Protect him from those people who want to. Push him. Down. Lord you know my husband how. Good he is please help protect him. Help him that he will win without any penalty because we don’t have money.. Help him that will be cleared. And soon he can go home in our country to meet our daughter … Lord I begging for your to Touch the heart of the judge who handle the case. Please Lord have. Mercy on him…

  42. prayers for my beat friend

    prayers for my best friend as he has been in jail for some time i pray the judge see the good in him and give him a chance to start over GOD please protect him during this time i pray he give his whole heart to you and that you set him free from all his sins and wrap your hands around him as he is battling this case show him mercy and protect him show him your light and love let him forgive everyone who had done him wrong let it go in his favor in jesus name amen

  43. Prayers for mercy grace and favor upon my friend rose against the court case against her.

    I pray for my friend and love rose. Who’s been detained at the police station for almost a week now. Waiting to be judged in court these coming days. Father lord I speak grace mercy and favor upon her in Jesus name. For prison is not her portion. She shall be liberated due to ur grace and favor. And she shall testify of ur Goodness to the world any moment from now in Jesus mighty name Amen

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